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"Foundry was merely a setback!"

(I joke, but....Bioware may just do that if they need another boss later down the line.)

edit: Honestly, the fact they tried to transfer Revan to an MMO medium screams "bad idea" to me.

Furthermore, I do even believe it is even possible to characterize Revan without some disappointment. If you think about it, Revan's identity has been hyped through both Kotor games and additional material. In Kotor 1 he was the master who controlled the Starforge and brought the Jedi council to their knees. In Kotor 2, Kreia describes him as the heart of the force and a force user that ascended beyond mere terms of Sith and Jedi. If Kreia praises someone that much, you know they are virtually unstoppable. In other materials I believe they also reference Revan as creating a rule of two used by future Sith.

I feel that Reven was set up to be a very unique persona in the Star Wars Universe. In TOR, he is incompetent and I question whether the idiot could even open a jar of jam without cutting himself and needing mama Exile to give him a band aid and sing him a lullaby to sleep.

Personally, I wish Bioware had tried to model Revan off of what Kreia described instead of an action hero. Maybe not a walking god, but a Gray Jedi that intended to toughen up the Republic in order to prepare it for war. Oh well.

Edit 2: And then I thought, Bioware trying to write Gray Morality with the dialogue wheel choices. Nevermind, not going to happen.

Choice A: Kick the Cat into the Volcano of Doom. You are evil.
Choice B. Do not look at the cat, do not talk to the cat, do not acknowledge the cat. You sure showed them Grey Jedi.
Choice C: Flirt with cat's owner. That's a good thing right?

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