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I'm at two critical plot points with my main two characters
(mage is dealing with Winterhold College crisis -- assassin is now head of the Dark Brotherhood after a tragedy and on to slay the Emperor)
so I decided to dinker a bit with the Creation Kit. Basically, with respect to these silly bits of motivators:
1) I like catgirls.
2) Lore in Skyrim allows for inter-racial breeding
3) I like catgirls... oh, I said that.
I'm seeing if the kit will allow me to create a human hybrid with some of the feline racial traits (khajit night vision, etc). I've also never tried a "deep thief, pickpocket, sneak, lockpick" so I've tossed that in along with a fascination for shinies and an innate compulsiveness to steal shinies because she CAN. Cat brains -- how would a cat handle this? She's looted Riverwood and had to kill several residents, now its off to White Run. Probably the worst choice to be annointed Dragonborn EVAR.

edit: This little exercise is somewhat non-trivial. The ActorValues are poorly documented (even lots of disagreement over the code names much less what value ranges). I've been able to set things like attack speed, running speed, jumping bonuses, defense.... I *think* I've been able to activate night vision (still testing) but haven't figured out how to give her claw attacks... for now I just amped up her unarmed attacks. In exchange for the kitty bonuses, I've reduced her defense a bit and she won't wear anything but light armor and won't learn any enchanting. I'm also having her wear the "Kaw Kitty" ears and tail with long hair. Her human half is Imperial.
Pickpocketing seems pretty challenging to get started on... lots of running away

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