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Originally Posted by Alchemist007 View Post
Sounds like the series has picked up more arguing points in relation to the original's continuity as expected. Hopefully we'll learn the answers by the end.
Spoiler for Scub Coral liing to another universe:

AO universe would the universe that Gonzy talked about. Scub Coral are not assimilating everything like they did in the previous universe.

Questions are:

What are Secrets? Why are they destroying Scub Coral?

Who is Truth? Why is he saying this is an incorrect world?

How did Eureka end up in this universe? Where is Renton and the original Nirvash?

The rest is weekly world building. We get a familiar world to our own yet different world. E7 was revealed to be set on Earth 10,000 after exodus of humanity which resettled Earth. Here Scub Bursts and Secrets are treated as natural disasters which are treated as economic opportunities.
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