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Daniel Lind
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For myself, I was sold on the show from the introductory episodes. It managed to hit all the right notes with me, not just as a stand alone series but as what I felt was a spiritual successor to E7.
I agree with this absolutely... but only until episode 4. That's where it switched from its inner E7 to inner NGE and it really shows more and more by week. It tripped hard over the whole Goldilocks deal and then faceplanted into Truth's cliche dialogue, to be metaphorical.

For me, I find Ao a lot more likable than Renton, and I generally liked Renton.
Without even going into talking about Renton, what is going on with Ao anyway?
Ao hates his father he never knew for reasons he made up for himself.
Ao doesn't really care much about Naru, or doesn't even bother to show it. "I'll take Nirvash and save you wherever you ar--- oh guess not. Oh well. Let's swag, Fleur." I understand what's supposed to be happening, but it's shown so briefly and torn up it comes across as if Ao just really is indifferent.
I can't say I like him anymore.
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