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Ao hates his father he never knew for reasons he made up for himself.
If you only knew your mother for the first few years of your life, and knew only that your father wasn't there for her or you, I'm sure it would be a common sentiment. Ao doesn't even know very much about Eureka, let alone Renton. Obviously Ao won't like his father at first. All he knows is that his (presumably single) mother had to take care of him for his first few years of his life...alone. He probably doesn't even know that Eureka was forced to be separated from Renton.
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Ao doesn't really care much about Naru, or doesn't even bother to show it. "I'll take Nirvash and save you wherever you ar--- oh guess not. Oh well. Let's swag, Fleur." I understand what's supposed to be happening, but it's shown so briefly and torn up it comes across as if Ao just really is indifferent.
I can't say I like him anymore.
Considering in the previous episode we saw him trying to take the Nirvash and fly off to go find her but was stopped just short of launch? So you basically want him to mope around being worried about Naru while bringing everyone else down because of it? Did you just completely miss the point of episode 5?

Originally Posted by Daniel Lind View Post
It just makes him look like a really shallow and even contradicting character in my eyes. Is this still Eureka Seven or are we watching G Gundam?
How is it shallow or contradicting? He knows Naru's been captured but he really can't do anything about it since he doesn't know the first place to even start looking and there's also the fact that GB is monitoring him. The fact that he was eager to train means he's what's to be prepared for the next encounter with Truth so he can rescue her. Also when are you gonna get it through your head that Ao's problems is not the same as Renton's
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