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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
MB's spoilers are correct for once
Hey! When have I messed up the spoilers during these recent times!?

Originally Posted by Battler-kun View Post
So Coco got the toughest "limb".

But that doesn't matter. Those "limbs" should be easy to defeat for all 4 of them but then the main dish follows!
Maybe they have to work together.

Last I recall, we still didn't get the turtle's capture level, so we still don't know for sure which "limb" is the strongest. And I kind of doubt that they'll have the easiest of times taking out monsters that can cause apocalyptic levels of destruction.

Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
I think at this point its safe to say Toriko has surpassed One Piece in sheer magnitude and scale of things.

In scale and magnitude sure, but as much as I love it I also admit that it's a little thin on the story side of things (or to be more precise, character-development wise). I'm totally legit serious when I say that I'm looking forward to a full, detailed flashback of the 4 kings' past just as much as the upcoming epic battles against those planet-crashing beasts from the gourmet world.....
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