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Well I never really got any such vibes between Irisu and Oreki except just being somewhat friends at some point.
no, that is not what I meant, I mean the anger and depression Houtaro shown after realized he was used by the Empress. the facial expression, the speech tones (speech which is the same as the book but deliver with much more force visually), the angst of pound the wall, etc. those you can't get easily from reading the novel because the author didn't describe them.

in fact, ep 11.5 only make sense in the anime, because you don't feel the need for Houtaro to recover from reading the novel, which is why during the anime production they ask Honobu Yonezawa to write the short story after the fact to bridge the gap, and it was nicely done I might add.

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I'm talking only about the case between Eru and Oreki.
again, in the novel you only got to read each individual's subjective point of view, so in the case of Eru and Houtaro, two slow characters who can not identify their feeling clearly, it is up to each reader to have their own interpretation, since things like blush, closeness, the tone of speech, etc, most of the time are not described in the novel.

one thing about the anime? the Eru cos photo that Houtaro seen during the festival is totally an anime touch, there is no such story device in the novel. the other is the ED2, which put the anime production's impression on the whole show better than anything I can come out with, it is quite obvious who is doing the chasing and who is being chased.

(OP2 and ED2 are quite awesome, the more you understand Hyouka you more you appreciate them.)

but IMO, for Eru to invite Hotaru to pay respect to her uncle, to come to new year temple praying with her simply because she wants to show off her kimono, and to come to XXXXXX with her for episode 22, all these after knowing him for only less than a year? it is not something a high school girl would invite a high school boy to do unless she has a good impression of him. especially since Eru is from a famous local family that stress reputation, my personal opinion is while their relationship is not as advance as
, but that is only because of the obtuse slowness of the two involved, since Honobu Yonezawa said he will continue the Hyouka timeline beyond high school, there is really no rush for a definite conclusion on that front, at least, it is not likely the anime will reach a satisfying point for people demand result.

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Why does Mayaka resent Houtarou so much? You mentioned in the episode 20 thread that a recent story from the novels shed some light on this, Hata.
the last time I post something it was deleted by mod, so here is a very abbreviated one.

for a more detail none puzzle solving spoiler, you can read the author's blog on promo blurb for the short story "鏡には映らない", for spoiler, just google, they are out there.
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