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actually you just made me think of something that could save kubo in this matter lol... perhaps getting to that level of reiatsu is what qualifies captains to get promotions into the royal guard?
That would make a lot of sense for sure. It'll be interesting to see if you're correct. Of course, I'd have to wonder how the fans would react to finding out that there'd be a small group of shinigami stronger than the old man.

Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
then of course, the top shitritters would have to undergo some type of change to attain that level as well so they could compete. would be cool
I admit, Kubo's at least allowed the core mechanics behind Quincy techniques to lend themselves to such a possibility. I mean here we have a group of characters who's entire fighting style revolves around gathering and converting energy to power their techniques. So with the environment and even their opponents as potential sources of fuel, these guys have potential access to virtually infinite sources of energy and extreme power boosts. So I'm sure Kubo can come up with something to make the remaining Quincy's more formidable.
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