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I designed them ... but the tools are Rock Band 3 for the animation videos (lots of coaxing and smashing to get it to do some of what I want). It has character generation tools and an extensive wardrobe/tattoo function.

If you were talking about the "realistic" 3d images I posted a few entries ago -- they were designed using Bethesda's Skyrim RPG character generation tool. Glycerin still seems a bit off to me but I'd rather write than get that last pixel where I want it

Like I said, I'm terrible at drawing -- still looking around for someone to either draw some illustrations for fun or maybe even for commission.

Edit: almost the entire layout of the next chapter came to me in the shower. problem: nothing to write with in shower. rush to computer afterwards. Argh, most of my most brilliant computer programming solutions also burbled up while I was showering.

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