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I'm pretty sure the effeminate character is supposed to be a guy....then again, I'm not sure why Kubo decided we needed even more characters, when there is already so many to pick from. What, would it have really been a stretch to use say, his sisters, or one of the other "earthlings", instead? Kubo's cast is frankly too damn huge, and so much time is wasted on them when they're tossed aside so conveniently never to be seen again (for example, Nell).

I'm with Bonta-kun though.

1. It was nice to see Ichigo not get his ass kicked and thus spend twenty chapters of him wallowing around powering up....again. He's boss now, keep it that way.

2. What the hell is the point of the five day ultimatum when you're so damn confident that you can walk up to what is considered the strongest guy in the SS fighting force and tell him you're going to kill him? Who the heck does that? Just kill him right there and proceed with your extermination. Are they going to vanish in the next chapter so that the good guys can regroup? Of course, because it wouldn't be plot armor for the good guys if the villains weren't morons.
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