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Originally Posted by DesuX2 View Post
「The point is that given all the hints and evidence so far, the Neo-Nazis want to take revenge on them slowly and deliberately for the thousand years of pain. 」
Still daft idea, so what 5 days of killing people off, why not just get it over with and save them the trouble of putting up with any trouble that could arise.
I mean they declare war against SS, I highly doubt they will think they would all survive at the end.
But if being able to just stroll on into the big man's bedroom why not just take him out and be done with it without losing anyone.
That would be their greatest victory winning this war at this stage without losing any more people, that in itself is best victory possible.

Yes we don't know how events could unfold but with war you have to expect casualties, if you don't thats just asking for a butt whipping.

....oh wait, thats right this is Bleach, how could I forget that
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