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Looks pretty cool and has CANNONS.
Looks more like PF594 to me!
Also not Sasakibe! I just finally remembered his name permannetly and he might be dead
His character will never be forgotten...well, whatever character he has built up in omake and comical moments.
What the hell is the point of the five day ultimatum when you're so damn confident that you can walk up to what is considered the strongest guy in the SS fighting force and tell him you're going to kill him? Who the heck does that? Just kill him right there and proceed with your extermination. Are they going to vanish in the next chapter so that the good guys can regroup? Of course, because it wouldn't be plot armor for the good guys if the villains weren't morons.
Totally seconding this. No better place to attempt to kill the old man than his office, at least he might hesitate to turn it to ashes...
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