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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I think it's pretty demeaning to say music is "just a hobby" to Wakana. I think it's something she loved but forced herself to give up because of the painful association with her mother.
When did she say this? At least, I know it's not during the balcony scene with Wakana. Even if she did though, Wakana did kinda act that way to begin with.

I don't blame Wakana, but I equally don't blame Sawa really. The context of their issues were pretty different. And the time constraint on Sawa was more significant. Taking a step back probably is the best thing, that doesn't mean it will be easy. And in Sawa's case, it seemed that taking time off would further crush her dreams. You can't just tell someone to get over something. Plus, like I said before, the poor girl just got bad news, give her some time.

I don't think Wakana bringing up her mom's passing was to impose a greater issue compared to Sawa's, but more to show Sawa that she has issues too that she takes in stride (well, maybe not in stride, but she deals with it, perhaps on a daily basis).

As for an outcome, I'm not entirely opposed to Sawa somehow getting into riding school. But it can't just be through 'desire or spirit' like typical shonen stuff. Challenge the rulebook by being way better than the norm at something. Actually show Sawa having to do more than the average student. Or something like that.

Or she might stay focused on horseback archery instead of being a jockey. She looks way more awesome with a bow in hand . At least that would flow better than her suddenly finding another dream.
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