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I disagree with you all.
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When did she say this? At least, I know it's not during the balcony scene with Wakana. Even if she did though, Wakana did kinda act that way to begin with.

I don't blame Wakana, but I equally don't blame Sawa really. The context of their issues were pretty different. And the time constraint on Sawa was more significant. Taking a step back probably is the best thing, that doesn't mean it will be easy. And in Sawa's case, it seemed that taking time off would further crush her dreams. You can't just tell someone to get over something. Plus, like I said before, the poor girl just got bad news, give her some time.
I agree that her father's approach of "I told you so! Get over it now!" was totally wrong. But I don't think that's what Wakana was going for. And while it didn't make Sawa instantly better (nothing could do that), it did get her thinking a bit, which was important.
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