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Originally Posted by Snubben_Pierre
The theory was very good actually, and you wrote it very good.

For people who cant read it should go back to school or maybe study a harder english course, a text really doesnt need paragraphs everywhere to make it easier to read. And for those that will say something about paragraph's :P there are some certain rules for when you change paragraph, if you just change it whenever it feels good you can easily fail on the thing your writing. Atleast that's how my teacher bitches us. ^^,

Cheese4u, there is one flaw in your text and that is how did Itachi get his MS? If akatsuki leader killed shusui then how did Itachi get it? ;P Otherwise I must say its a lovely theory and would be cool if it was like that even though i doubt it very much.
Thanks, I actually forgot to include the part about the MS. I think at this point it would be difficult to say how anyone obtains the MS. But I can say with at least 90% certainty that killing your best friend isn't the only way to obtain MS. I actually think that Itachi told Sasuke that to make sure Sasuke would do anything to obtain power. He knew that was the only way to surpass him. I'm pretty sure Kikashi wouldn't kill anyone for any kind of power, so I know there's more to MS that meets the eye.
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