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Originally Posted by Rurik
The theory is good, and I have tough about some like that, but there is one big problem:


Is How Itachi has handled how to get Sasuke strong thing, comom... telling him to Kill your best friend to gain power? Use Hate to get strong? this are the reason why I think Itachi is not really the saint he could be. So Yah I still think he did kill his clan and he did Kill his parents.

The reason why Sasuke has became evil is Itachi, so even if Itachi was doing all this cover up just to make Sasuke strong, I have to say it was the most stupid way to do it, and apart of this, is has backfire on Itachi.
LOL, There's something kind of off though when you explain it like that, The Domino Effect. Sasuke has actually become more and more detached like Itachi over the years. Although the method Itachi used is common and questionable, the fact is, Sasuke became what he is because of him. And now, Sasuke spits the same bull to Naruto. The Domino Effect, the effect that started somewhere and I do believe that Itachi wasn't the initial domino. Now, if cheese4u could tweak his theory a little and say instead that the reason Itachi killed Shisui is because he was trying to kill him and he was suppose to the original AKAT before his death, then do a little adjustments with the rest of what he said, then maybe.
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