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Ok first off let me set some of you guy's straight. This thread is simply my opinion based on actual facts from the show. I am not saying that any of these things have or is going to happen. I am merely saying it is what I beleive will or has happen(ed). That does not mean you can't debate what I say, I'm just saying don't jump on back as if I'm trying to pass all this off as fact.
Now that we got that straight I can continue. I beleive that Itachi didn't slay the Uchiha clan. Itachi doesn't seem like a malicious type of person. If I remember correctly he had the opportunity to kill Kikashi, Kurenai, and Sasuke twice but passed up on all of it. Except when he ordered Kisame to kill Kikashi. This suggests that though he doesn't mind killing he doesn't take pleasure in it like Orochimaru does. Taking that into consideration I don't see him slaughtering his entire village just to test his "capacity." Another thing is, he seemed particularly upset when they blamed Shisui's murder on him. Itachi then promptly kicked their asses. Itachi doesn't have anything to fear or to gain from them, so why would he lie when he told them he didn't do it? Probably because he really didn't do it.
Here's what I think happened. Itachi is the strongest person in the Uchiha clan and perhaps the strongest person in the village, depending on the condition of the third hokage. So naturally Itachi doesn't have much to fear. But one day him and Shisui were met by the only man that's stronger than Itachi, the ak. leader. Ak. leader wants Itachi to join him in order to help him accomplish his goal of capturing the biju. Itachi refuses, and Ak. Leader warns Itachi that there will be a price to pay. The first thing is Shisui is murdered. When Itachi hears of this he automatically knows it was him. He runs off to face him and is defeated. Knowing what he must do he decides in order to not put his village in danger he acts suspiciously in order to put the blame on himself for Shishui's murder. He does this because the only one in the village strong enough to kill Shishui is him. If he told them the Ak. Leader did it then that would put them in danger. Ak. Leader decides that he cares too much about his clan and kills them all. Somehow Itachi was able to save Sasuke from this fate. He knew that he couldn't defeat the Ak. Leader so he decides to join him and perhaps gain his trust until he's strong enough to kill him. But Itachi also took into consideration the possibility that he won't be able to kill him. So he formed a plan involving Sasuke. He knew that Sasuke's strength was driven by his jealousy of Itachi. So he took the blame and added more fuel to the fire by torturing him with the MS, hoping that someday he'll surpass Itachi and avenge his clan.
Feel free to tell me what you think.

This theory has already been written while back.
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