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Originally Posted by Meran View Post
I might have a game for you, but it is already made ^^'

It's a story telling Forum RPG. Really great.. I can explain it if you want to or if anyone is interested ^^.. It works on a principle of stats and storytelling to advance your character.
Non canon and welcoming to your own input.

Just say if you might be interested ^^
That's great. I use to always do the forum rpg's. I'm too busy now though. making this Naruto game is my number one to college lol

Originally Posted by Iplayrunescape View Post
If u make one I'd love to try it!!! Email me at when u finish!!! My votes with stats btw... I assume it'll be harder but...
I'll be sure to email you. If you ever change it, PM me.
Right now I'm drawing the buildings. Trying to make them as Naruto as it can be.
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