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Chapter is fully up now.

Only good thing about the chapter is that it looks like Zen might finally do something next chapter to stop her from killing Unzen.

A few weeks ago when this whole explosion things first started, I made a couple predictions. One, ended with Medaka being hurt and everyone saving her. This didn't happen, obviously, though it would have been nice to see.

The second prediction I wrote had Medaka surviving without a scratch and the others getting hurt, sending her into a rage, which was spot on. The second part of the prediction had Zen coming in to stop her from finishing Unzen off, which if his words this chapter are any indication, might also come true.

Sort of predictable, but at least it'll give Zen some semblance of being needed... once every several years when she goes ballistic. He'll probably fade into the background again after that, though.

I also noticed she said that it was a battle between Justice and "her way of doing things", which just sounds somewhat arrogant to me. As if it wasn't a fight between Justice without morals and morals without Justice, but more a battle between Justice without morals and a tyrant trying to control people into doing things "her way". Makes me want to root for Unzen even more.

And all this talk about being a demon, beast, etc. It'd be fine if that were the case, but it feels like the author is completely beating around the bush in explaining Medaka's strength because he still wants to pass her off as human. If she's some demon in human skin, than just say so.

Most importantly, if everyone just forgives her and says it's normal for her to tear down half the school, I'll seriously be wondering what the hell is going on with this manga. The only explanation for that kind of rampant, ridiculous stupidity is if it's all in Medaka's deranged head.

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