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Q about Mor, if you had to compare her role to another female in a similar manga, what are we looking at here?

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Yoshino needs his own thread lulz.

It's okay, he's not really that bad at adaptating.
How can you even say this?

Denpa is questionable since next to no one has even read the original material, heck for all we know the original source was shit and Yoshino polished a turd into a diamond.. but this is a question mark.

Bund is Bund... I know the issues happened for a reason but it was just a failure even in that regard. It's a bad show because it sucks period not because it wasn't horrible in the same ways as the manga was.

Accel World seems to be going along fine... as of now. Things can change, they might be shooting for an original anime end. Different sort of show but Claymore looked fine at the same point.... though one scene removed put a few people on edge...

We have no idea what they intend to do with Magi, they might be going for a year long run to try and redeem the timeslot after AGE. They might be going for a 2 cour run with an original ending to boost the sales of the manga in a similar manner to AoNoExorcist... though even half that boost would be a massive success. We'll see what happens.. but I think it's silly to ignore a red flag because of 18 episodes of one show.... which in 8 weeks time might have an changed ending calling for his blood anyway.
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