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Wow, you sound really confident, though last time I checked, you didn't write Umineko....

Well, I'll agree with you as to the fact that I'm not too confident on what Ryukishi said, but I'm not going to dismiss off the bat either. Devil's proof and whatnot.
There's no way to ascertain the truth in a situation where all information is equally valid or invalid, and I'd like to see someone come up with Yasu's backround without using anything in Chiru. :P

"Men care about prestige and women care about feelings" is something he said was a running trend in Umineko and yet completely and utterly contradicts almost every significant example of romance and gender roles in the entire novel.

If you consider Author Theory as a premise, someone being alive is one of a relatively short list of possible explanations. And considering his presence in the meta-world, it's not surprising if it's Battler.
It's not a premise, it's a development. A premise by definition has to be introduced at the beginning of the story. That's why we have a certain Knox rule; the unwritten premise of those novels is "One of these people is a killer. Find out who!"
When the Silent Spirits Cry: An Umineko/Silent Hill crossover fanfiction

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