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Who she is 100% does not matter to the situation.
I know you aren't being aggressive, but your posts always sound so angry. Besides, if you actually read that part of my post more carefully you will see that I tried to say it doesn't matter who she is, that I was just surprised it was never hinted that his meta-character was being supported through all these games by a meta-Ikuko. It is her mere existence I wanted hints of. I know that rule only applied to the gameboards, but pulling a random mystery character who is sort of essential for readers to understand author theory out of thin air is sort of annoying unless it was hinted.

The only hints that I can come up with on the spot are meta Beato herself, which is a messy road, or from the third game Virigillia. That would make sense in terms of the fact that she only helps from the third game, but not in terms of who she actually represents and that Ryu sort of invented her to help a struggling fanbase.

So either I'm not seeing them, or he just never hinted at it. That isn't annoying from a Knox standpoint, so much as for the reason that rule exists: People hate characters who pop up out of nowhere but are needed for the solution.
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