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Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
P.S: A bit irrelevant but, I just checked out Chapter4 of KnownNoMore, and.... Oh - My - God! That guy's pulling so much stuff out of his ass I wonder how it's still intact! I mean, anyone else here heard of what he calls the 'Rose Symbolism'? I seriously want to gouge out my ears....
A bit too lazy to get through the entire video, personally. Care to explain..? Or should I just fast forward to a certain part?

Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
There's no way to ascertain the truth in a situation where all information is equally valid or invalid, and I'd like to see someone come up with Yasu's backround without using anything in Chiru. :P
The entire, specific thing, lol no. Though the general gist IS something you can get without Chiru. Myself, I just couldn't fit Beatrice II into it, since as has been noted, it was never hinted that she may have had a child. Or even know where babies come from, really.

Originally Posted by Judoh View Post
Our confessions explains that Yasu blackmails people in the different games into being an accomplice so that she can carry out the murders. it makes sense that Ryukishi would imply that she has accomplices then.
To be fair, Our Confessions explains the blackmailing as a plausible way to get Kratsuhi to be accomplices.

Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
At least she's the culprit in the forgeries.

But well, the whole game is about filling the cat-box with what you believe happened, I guess.
I remember one interview, and the comment kinda stuck, where Ryu described Umineko as the story of a girl "driven to the point of being able to imagine an incident like that", or something along those lines. So I always thought a critical part of the story, as we have it, doesn't even concern Prime, but rather Yasu being able to SEE herself getting to that point.

So basically, like if Kyrie had started imagining Higurashi style arcs about how she murdered Asumu. You read the lyrics to 'Golden Nocturne', and you REALLY get the impression that Yasu's tragedy wasn't just a Nazi bomb, or romantic indecision, but SEVERELY overthinking crap.

Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
Well, her motive is a little more complex than that. Back then, I assumed there is a turning point which made her commit the crimes, because being stood up for six years and going nutshit with many personalities doesn't make for an adequate reason. It took some EPs to figure out the 'miracle' ceremony and everything.
lol, it's pretty easy to land on "Shannon + something to do with that damn promise" by the end of Alliance - there's NOWHERE else to really logically go. However, the motive is pretty incomprehensible. I couldn't describe for the life of me what she WANTED to have happen.

Originally Posted by Patchwork Chimera View Post
BTE, there's a difference between assuptions made on shaky fundations and freaking castles in the air.
Clearly SOMEONE has not seen Utena. Which would be a crazy awesome piece of Umineko crossover material, just sayin'.

Old point, but I still don't get why we're doubting Battler's personality so much. Sure, we can doubt his presentation MORE than the others because he has a six year gap instead of a 1 year gap like the rest, but ... really, why? His piece doesn't exactly go to a new corner of the MBTI in Chiru, either. He's always been a mystery buff, always offered solutions to closed rooms (when he isn't being incompetent), and in End he was given an open invitation to solve the epitaph WITH the adults (who all know the hometown)m which hadn't happened before. And in Dawn he's just an accomplice, sooooo ... yeah. :-/
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