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Character song albums cover art/track listings are out:

Sky Disc ~Looking up and Fluttering~:
1 - To Continue the Melody (Tsuzuku Melody) sung by Wakana
2 - Twinkle Link sung by Konatsu
3 - Carrying Passion (Jyounetsu Ninatte) sung by Taichi and Wien
4 - The Light and Wind Lift You (Hikari to Kaze ni Nosete) sun by Wakana and Sawa
5 - goin' my way!! sung by Konatsu
(Bonus tracks):
6 - The Light and Wind Lift You (Sing nicely with Wakana version!)
7 - The Light and Wind Lift You (Can you sing with Sawa version?)

Sea Disc ~Diving and Swaying~:
1 - SAIL AWAY TO SKY sung by Sawa
2 - Prsimic Colored Happiness (Nanairo Happiness) sung by Kontasu and Sawa
3 - The Road Leading to Tomorrow (Ashita he no Michi) sung by Sawa and Taichi
4 - White Decoration☆ sung by Kontasu and Wien
5 - SWEET SHINY DAY sung by Wakana and Konatsu
(Bonus Tracks):
6 - White Decoration☆ (Sing along with Konatsu version☆)
7 - White Decoration☆ (Get fired up with Wien version)

I didn't want to put CVs beside each name, so here's the cast list again:
Wakana: Ayahi Takagaki
Konatsu: Asami Seto
Sawa: Saori Hayami
Taichi: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Wien: Natsuki Hanae

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