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Konatsu is the Greatest
She saves dull episodes
She owns a yellow dolphin
Her voice makes heads implode


This was the 5th time the stanza had been repeated, with a shrill female voice belting out the lyrics, delivering a punishing, if consistent, cacophony into her eardrums. Wakana Sekai decided enough was enough and quickly pressed the eject button on the CD player.

"Konatsu...what was that exactly?" Wakana inquired, crossing her arms and frowning.

Konatsu straightened up from the table she was leaning back on and flashed a roguish grin. "It's my character song of course!" she beamed. "Seventeen minutes of pure, undiluted Konatsu!"

"Seventeen minutes?!" Wakana's jaw dropped.

"Yeah, can you believe it?! I demanded a full running time of 50 with some beatboxing filler thrown in but those bums at the recording studio started whining about how their eardrums were ringing and even Wein took their side!" Konatsu huffed.

Something deep was bubbling up inside Wakana, making her clench her teeth and curl her fingers into fists.

"Konatsu...have you considered they never cared about your absurd song? That they just wanted to you to leave, pay them, and never come in again?"

It was Konatsu's turn to gape.

"Wakana, I'm surprised at you! Five sound engineers suffered extensive temporal lobe damage to make sure this album saw the light of day! Are you dishonoring their sacrifice?!"

"...Konatsu, you're a goddamned idiot."
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