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Originally Posted by moncikoma View Post
I am sure we will see that car in the next movie (check the older magz scan, she is driving a sport car)

Let us pray she won't hit and crash anyone...
I doubt she's good at driving...(Remember last movie where she falls from a mini scootter)
And she falls twice ( at the movie and another magazine scan shows it)

She is a bad driver...she also bad at flying the VF ...spinning-spinning LOL
I noticed that shot too in one of the magazine spreads. I went back to it and confirmed that yes, indeed, the interior also exactly matches that of a Ferrari California.

I'm worried it'll get wrecked. That would be awful, but I could see Sheryl's new episode 18 in the movie involving a car accident. I mean how else could they make Sheryl's day even worse? Oh, she could wreck her cool car.

I'd invoke that it's a good car and it has stability control and stuff like that but most entertainment venues in movies, series, whatever don't even seem to know about antilock brakes still. :/

On the plus side, she was trying to fly a VF-25 in GERWALK, which is easily the hardest to fly, and driving a car is significantly easier. Maybe she's not a bad driver. >>
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