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Originally Posted by Mistwrath
Already installed the game, but then it gives me an error when it tries to load up
If you were to read the official Type-Moon site, you would have noticed that the .exe is the game Fate/Stay Night gives a random error... That's because they want to check if you really bought the game or just downloaded it from the 'net.

Type-Moon will send you a working .exe file once you send them the "Unique-Key" and what kind of error you got from your starter file.

1) Download this file and run it. (Don't if you downloaded the game like half of the guys who got it from Animesuki's evil twin).
2) Make the ID and copy it in a .TXT
3) Send a notice to Type-Moon saying what kind of error you got. Here ->
4) Play. ^_^

Have Fun with Fate!!
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