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I personally don't think the whole prophecy thing was that bad. Frankly, the way they set up the series it was necessary. Without the prophecy behind them Riot Force 6 would have never been created. There would have been no real need for that division and they would not have had any idea that anything bad was going to happen. Without knowledge of the future nobody would ever have allowed Hayate to bring together her monster friends all in one division.
The prophecy was, however, badly managed. All it really served to do was give RF6 a reason to exist and let us know that the TSAB knew they were going to get attacked.

The former wasn't really needed, prior to the prophecy we already had a reason for RF6's existence: Hayate wanted a unit designed specifically to stop Lost Logia and prevent situations like the Jewel Seed and Yami no Sho from occurring.

The later they could have done without, and would have improved the story. If the TSAB didn't have a warning that the Bureau would be attacked, then the attack on the Headquarters would have been a complete surprise attack, making the Bureau as a whole look far less incompetent for having such a shoddy defense.

Originally Posted by 9taileddemon View Post
Heck. The only reason they ever realized that Jail was the villain was because he left a freaking calling card. For all the government knew, Jail was still perfectly loyal.
Not exactly, Jail was already a known dimensional criminal long before StrikerS.
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