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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
It's obviously just a story-device for RF6 to disband after Jail is defeated. The moment they revealed RF6 had a different purpose other what she told Nanoha and Fate, it was obvious that episode 26 = RF6 disbands.
Could have been done so much better though. The prophecy was hardly needed for that.

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
It's not so much a warning, but Jail attacking the HQ was indeed unexpected by Regius because they were in-cahoots. If anything, it made Hayate and co. look FAR more incompetent because they were expecting the unknown long for a long time, even something that they were aware that they might have to be the first line of defense until the Navy is forced to intervene and had their preparations in accordance to the general rules that applied to the events they were guarding and yet they still failed, horribly.
Storyline wise, it makes sense in the greater picture, but at that moment it didn't make much sense considering we weren't aware of their cahoots. This could have been solved with a scene explaining just why they were so surprised by the attack, though that would mean revealing several more plot bunnies as well as taking up more unneeded screentime. Not having a warning solves both issue: Regius is still surprised because of cahoots, Hayate & Co. look less like idiots for being caught unaware.

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
I don't think so. From what it's said, Precia was the one who took Jail's concepts and research papers on Project F-memory copying and adapted it to Alicia's cloning of Fate.
Jail specifically notes that Precia perfected the technique, and that Fate was the first product of the memory-transfer clone technique though.

Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
But to resume

Jail and Precia never worked together, right?
Actively? No. They merely used each others work.
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