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We may have been given the reason, Hayate always wanted to have her own division, but do you really think that anyone in the government really would have given a care about what she just happened to want? Of course not. While nepotism may have been allowed such as Regius' daughter, RF6 was a completely different thing.

RF6 was putting together a force that probably could have done tons of damage to the TSAB on their own if they had wanted. They needed a real reason to allow it to be created. And again, besides knowledge of the future, it wasn't going to happen.

As for the warning about the attack on HQ, it was used so that everyone would focus on HQ and forget that RF6 was being left almost completely unprotected. That would then lead to the whole scene with Caro summoning Voltaire and Vice's crappy flashback, and the injuring of Zafira and Shamal who would eventually show up to help save the day against Otto.

If you have any other suggestion besides knowledge of the future that would make the TSAB put together such a dangerous group I would love to hear them. I do agree that it was not done very well, but I just don't see another solution.
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