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Originally Posted by Taufiq91

THis is what i called "the Mahoromatic syndrome". In one hand, you've got an anime that is well drawn and postmodern in its art design (Railgun), on the other you got an anime so lazily drawn that it looks like it was drawn in 1996(Maid-sama)!

Nobody is perfect. It was just a little error.. we should don't mind it and enjoy watching.

Originally Posted by Wolfnagi View Post
For some reason, certain people just didn't care about the little tiny thing that happen in it simple because:
1. They watch it LQ (like me)
2. They watch it live in TV and doesn't have time to notice anything.
3. They are just plainly didn't care bout it.
Simple to say, for me at least, that the art itself doesn't suffered concern me as long as it looks almost the same.
Beside, its not like everyone cares about the little tiny detail.
Plus, KWMS plot is still definitely better.

lol, you're right

Spoiler for My Little Sister XD:

Y'know, guys I was like that when I'm watching my favorite anime's (just like I've watch a new episode of Hayate no Gotoku S1 first came out… good ole times!)

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