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Redbeard Has Blood Logia!
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Blood Blood Devil Fruit, which I theorically think that it will be Akainu's.

It is technically allows the user to shape his OWN blood as a liquid.There are no a offensive moves at first, unless you cut your own organs with a sword and lose massive amounts of blood, then you can shape it like a blood axe,sword or even blood bullets.The lost organs will be reproduced if Blood replica stay longer than 10 minutes.

It will be a logia like paramecia type that can patch the wounds with blood for a while to prevent instant death.Only minus I can think of might be some healing abilities that will stop the bloodloss or extreme losses of blood due to massive incoming damage directing to fatigue/Daziness/Death after a long time.

Oh and of course another minus will be that you'll look like a bloodbath'd zombie for a while..after every fight.

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