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I just finished watching the series and all i can is wow, this show is awsome my previous drama that finished was KGNE so i was looking for something similar or within that area and some people recommended full moon wo sagashite. man this show is just great and had really good soundtrack to it too, one of the really good OST that is a must have. some parts were really sad and depressing, esspecially the final 10 episodes which were the ones i just finshde watching earlier made me all glassy eyed.

myself & ternal snow were great songs but damn they really did over play it lol. It really sucks if you watch multiple episodes in one sitting lol. I mean they would play the songs right before the episode was finish then boom 30 secs the same damn song would be playing because it was the ending song. I seriously have eternal snow and myself like burned into my brain, i dunno if its a bad or good thing lol.

I was really skeptical of this anime at first i was like WTF it about some girl who transforms and wants to become a singer. I was like please that sounds so retarded and i dont need to watch it. But i was looking at top 100 animes @ one day and to my suprise i saw full moon wo sagashite ranked #3. I started asking some friends about it and i several recommendations from friends and members, so i checked it out and glad I did. Any ways for all you haven't watched it yet i really reccommend it.
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