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Originally Posted by Yirba View Post
To be honest, while I enjoyed the mystery premise of the When They Cry series, it's nice to have a change. Despite what others may claim, Higanbana is not a mystery story, but I still had a lot of fun with it. I'm sure Rose Guns Days will be brilliant without it being a mystery, as well.

I'm pretty sure there's a reason why 07th Expansion chose to not let the user save anywhere. Ryukishi07 has mentioned that they will increase the frequency of save points, so I wouldn't say it's a huge problem. There's a skip feature, after all.

Of course, myself or perhaps other people will look into the possibility of enabling such a feature. But I suspect this would cause problems, otherwise 07th Expansion wouldn't have disabled it in the first place.
The thing is 07thExpansion made their name with mystery like sound novels.
Higanbana was ok, but it was not something which would make anyone big.

If RGD is short, only 1 or 2 releases, maybe I'll be able to swallow it. Let's see.

Also, when it is a mystery, we have threads with hundreds of pages of discussion, speculations, theories. And that's a lot of fun, imo. Almost as fun as reading the novel itself.

I doubt we'll have much discussion with this. Just like we didn't have with Higanbana. We'll read, give our feedback for a few weeks, and it dies until the next release.
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