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Do note that the irregularity of scanlations and even official English releases (sigh) mean that you can't really use the Current - Older series system like for anime with its relatively regular fansubbing and streaming schedules. Things will get really confusing fast, especially for the moderators.

I agree with other people though: splitting manga and LN is a very good start. Not only because of the bloat, but also because there is always a bit of confusion with manga and LN threads coexisting in the same subforum; spoiler crossovers, etc., which will only grow as the LN community grows. Splitting them up will encourage a much better segmentation of discussion which will also probably help out with your moderation a bit.

If the problem persists, aohige's suggestion to split weekly and other manga is a good suggestion. There is a clear understanding -- the categories leave little room for confusion -- and weekly manga naturally have more discussion, so the "everything else" section despite the larger number of manga/threads should have equal or even less activity. Another consideration is manhua, manwha, and webtoons, if further segmentation is required (something like "non-Japanese comics" section, which may serve an extra role as a good place to congregate the occasional interest in American comics which show up from time to time in the General Chat) -- but I get the feeling that you probably aren't willing to go that far just yet.

More personally, and don't take this as a suggestion or anything, I always found it difficult to keep up with conversation for manga series that have been adapted into anime which acquired their own subforums. I barely use the Hayate no Gotoku or TWGOK manga threads anymore because they're so "out of the way" for my browsing habits.

Of course, reversing that problem for me and putting them back into the Manga/LN forums would just exacerbate the bloat problem, so, uh, oh well?

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