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Somehow something tells me that encouraging people to subscribe to the threads they like will not be a feasible solution. Over the years I have found thread subscription to just naturally "click" with some posters and not click with others...

The only prob I can see atm from dividing the Manga section into d.o.r. based sections is that there may be lots of people out there who don't know about that, and it might result in the sort of confusion that would mean extra work for the mods - like deleting threads and the like - and that the learning curve for the community getting used to the divisions on a practical day-to-day might take longer than many might think.

The division of Manga and Light Novels, though, seems to me that it might work in a more timely way, and it could help some to reduce the problem of threads getting buried. Maybe it would be enough, maybe not. But it might be a good first step?
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