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Out of the 200 newest threads only 29 are LN and another 3 are LN/Manga combined threads, may be off by a one or two (was skimming) but it's still very manga dominated. Still splitting LN and manga into separate forums is the way to go, I don't think it will fix the bloating issue, but it will certainly help and it's better to split LN+Manga threads... someone who follows LN raws is going to be way ahead of someone following manga adaptations...

Though I guess light novels are becoming more popular so it would also be "future-proofing", also someone suggesting splitting manga into current titles and past titles, wouldn't really work... I mean most of the stuff talked about is current stuff. There's no difference going to page 10 of 300 to find "Yamada and the Seven Witches" compared to going to page 10 of 250...
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