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Awesome episode!

First off I have more bad news to Lucy... it's never mentioned in the manga (so no spoilers)but this fight happened on Lucy's 18th birthday (maybe it wasn't mentioned due to the time jumps effecting the date of her bday, but again speculation nothing confirmed in the manga). However the date is July 1st and a chapter cover in the manga revealed Lucy's birthday is July 1st. Must really suck having your first amazing victory robbed from you... ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. No wonder she was crying at the end...

I read the manga so knew what was coming, but damn it... it was hard even to watch in anime form too. Going through RL frustration in a Miss Fairy Tail contest on another thread (no details, not fishing for votes) in it's final round Lucy vs Cana and all the damn dupe accounts , but whatever... must not vent or mention it further... maybe me supporting Lucy in that contest is why I kept finding myself cheering for Lucy in this episode even though I knew she'd never win (you know the episode was an outlet for me or something , which is my point here, again not fishing for votes nor mentioning where the contest is) and would just end up trolled after pulling off an amazing attack that at it's max is worthy of being compared to the strongest spells in the series

I was seriously blown away by how well they animated Urano Metria though... I feared they'd get cheap or something. I guess they saved the animation from last time she used it I guess or something.

Oh, and who else laughed really hard when Gemini checked out Lucy's rack by opening the towel
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