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It was a good episode. However, there were parts of Lucy's fight that did not make sense, like why didn't she use Cancer to completely cut Flare's hair, or why Taurus did not react to Flare's nice body. Also, Natsu was the only one noticing that something was wrong and helped out makes everyone else seem clueless. A lot more people should have figured it out or notice that Flare was cheating.

Finally, the biggest gripe of all was that no official declared Flare defaulted because the officials were not able to figure out or sense that Raven Tail cheated, while so many of the contestants and the old annoucer noticed. He could have said something but chose not to.

Other than that, the fight was great. It's like all the previous arcs. Fairy Tail has to lose first before they win it all in the end.
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