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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
It was a good episode. However, there were parts of Lucy's fight that did not make sense, like why didn't she use Cancer to completely cut Flare's hair, or why Taurus did not react to Flare's nice body. Also, Natsu was the only one noticing that something was wrong and helped out makes everyone else seem clueless. A lot more people should have figured it out or notice that Flare was cheating.

Finally, the biggest gripe of all was that no official declared Flare defaulted because the officials were not able to figure out or sense that Raven Tail cheated, while so many of the contestants and the old annoucer noticed. He could have said something but chose not to.

Other than that, the fight was great. It's like all the previous arcs. Fairy Tail has to lose first before they win it all in the end.
Well won't speak about Laxus or Gajeel, the other none injured DS with excellent hearing (we saw that the others where just being unobservant to there surroundings and just focused on the match) but as to the second announcer Yajima (a previous Fairy Tail member, a good friend of Makarov who was on the same team with him in ages past, and a former Mage council member) well it is clear that he noticed what happened. However, it's not clear if he figured out who cheated and how they did it... clear things he'd need to know and prove to disqualify them officially. However based on his expression it's clear he's gonna have a sharp eye out on Raven Tail and other rule breakers (My speculation I had when I read the manga: Jellal as Mystogan too perhaps? gulp )...

Jura said it... Rave Tail didn't get caught however it's clear someone did cheat to those who truly are masters and understand magic. The bulk of the audience and even intermediate mages might not have noticed though, after all Mavis and Makarov had to explain it to many other members... including Happy who usually explains everything.

My speculation when this chapter came out in the manga was that Yajima was bidding his time for the right moment... he understands politics and knew to speak up now would make him appear an announcer who couldn't stay unbiased and was just supporting his old team. However now every mage of FT and many of the other guilds know someone is playing dirty and will be on guard more. A 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me' kinda thing...

The question is how many more times will Raven Tail get away with this and how much of a lead they'll gain due to it before even Sabertooth, Limia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Fairy Tail and other guilds can't beat them on the ladder-board.

I also remember believing between the two chapters this fight took place over that I was betting Mavis would figure it out... but nope Natsu did.


Oh, forgot to mention... being an astronomy nerd the name Urano Metria is the name of the first star chart with all 88 CONSTELLATIONS for both the North and Southern Hemispheres, not 88 stars (translation problem? Likely on Hiro's end though since the artwork of the attack is more just random stars with no alignment needed for them being constellations). However kudos to Hiro for picking a great name for the spell.
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