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Originally Posted by grylsyjaeger View Post
I'll chime in and suggest you try ~Ever17: The Out of Infinity~

It was the first visual I ever played and really set the bar high for me. There are also other novels in the series including Never7 and Remember11 that are translated. The stories do support one another but you don't need to play the others to understand the story.

And thanks to Sinner I'll give Seinarukana: Spirit of Eternity Sword a whirl too.
Actually i did try Ever17 finished one route, it did had an interesting twist but the rest i didn't like, i dunno how to say this but especially the characters felt empty to me, i will give the other two a try though.

Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
Seinarukana - The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2. The ties to the first game are light so you don't need to have played Eien no Aselia. Also, Eien no Aselia had considerably unbalanced gameplay and green characters were too OP. Serinarukana's gampelay was balanced and required some thought. Art, characters and general vibe of Seinaruaka are just brilliant.
I see, but is that one on consoles ? all i saw on PC was an unfinished translation project... Is there an actual full translation patch ?

Also if someone coul answer my previous question i would be delighted, to get the best experience should i play first Ef the First Tale or can i start with Rf a Fairy tale of two ? I know that the First tale is a prequel of sort but what i'm looking for is to get the most out of the main novel, for example: if the First tale would bring some spoilers in that would make a Fairy Tale of Two less interesting then i would start with a Fairy tale of two.

Originally Posted by Tempester View Post
Would it be possible for you to list all the visual novels you've played, not just enjoyed? It would be frustrating for us to recommend something you've already gone through.
Actually except for Ever17 and some DC spin off's that's pretty much all.

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