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Originally Posted by Tempester View Post
Kinetic novel. Sad story about a chronically ill young couple who go on a journey.
Freeware Download (includes both the original VN and the prequel)

The Dandelion Girl
Kinetic novel. Sci-fi with time travel. This VN is an adaptation of a classic sci-fi short story. The text is exactly the same as the original story, it just has added visuals and audio.
Freeware Download

Kinetic novel. Post-apocalyptic sci-fi. I haven't played it in a long time, but I feel that this is probably Key's greatest work I've seen yet.

True Remembrance
Kinetic novel. Supernatural/fantasy. This is hard for me to summarize, but it left me with a very positive impression. You don't read this for the art, but for the story.
Freeware Download

Saya no Uta
Visual novel with a small number of very important choices. Sci-fi/horror. I'd be surprised if you haven't seen this yet. Written by the famous Urobuchi Gen of Madoka Magica and Phantom of Inferno. Amazing and thrilling, and all of the endings are legitimate.
All of these. These are amazing games and you must play all of them if you haven't already. Also, add Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo to that list.
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