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Then I have a rather different perspective from most fans, I guess.
Nah, there's just a very vocal subset of fans that tend to dominate online discussion. Despite the regular intervals of doom pronouncements, HnG is still one of Shonen Sundays best selling series. For a shonen rom-com that's been running almost nine years already it's proven remarkably resilient.

Personally, I like the plot and the humor, I think a balance of both is when the manga is at it's best. And aside from the weird bit of blatant stalling a few months ago the recent chapters have been great so whatever.

I agree that the relationship between Nagi and Hayate is enjoyable and different. It's one of the things that drew me into the series originally. I don't have a problem with them eventually being "together" though I should probably note that there's a lot about how things will eventually work out that we don't know yet. There's still a story to be told there.

In the meantime I also like Ruka, and Athena and Isumi and a ton of other characters and I think the current story direction is interesting so I'm not planning to go anywhere.
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