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Well, I have no idea what's going on.....

cranston, I have no idea how your strat worked because that one takes at least 1300IT for me.

And another thing, on your strat, Nozomu reaches the Blue Dragon at 294IT?! You're kidding, right? I can't get them anywhere near that quick with your strat. More like the mid 400s if I send Nozomu North. With Euphie going North, they make it in the 320s.

I tried your deconstruction + construction theory, guys. It made a slight difference. I still did Euphie North + North and Nozomu East + East. This time Euphie reached the White Dragon at 1083IT, but unfortunately Nozomu was due to fight the Black Dragon at 1076IT. -_- So again, Euphie is too slow...

Here's some weird things I'm seeing with IT between turns for the teams. Could you guys compare these times with yours, because this might be the problem.

Euphie - Next turn after finishing a mob: 50
Next turn after moving a node: 50
Next turn after not moving: 37

Katima team - Same numbers

Nozomu - Next turn after finishing a mob: 77
Next turn after moving a node: 77
Next turn after not moving: 44

Another weird thing - those numbers don't seem to change regardless of whether I destroy the old Level 3 SoT from 5-1. Also, I'm allowed to build the Level 5 one regardless of whether the Level 3 one is up from the previous level.

Other stats that might matter - Nozomu is Level 18, IP 17. Euphie Level 16, IP 20. Katima's team is IP 20.

And the version I'm playing is 1.0000001

I am seriously sick to death of this.....
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