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"Wasn't there another thread like this about a year ago? I'll merge this." xris is coming for you...

I'm probably waiting for the Sims 2 the most, Half-Life 2 being a good second. Why? Because the prequels were two, very good games at that time and they do not try the same as Doom 3: to be a technological showcase.

I almost got my hopes up for that online Final Fantasy game, but judging from the look if it, it is another kiddy-kiddy game. Worse: a kids game with monthly fees.

Thief 3 was on my "maybe" -list too, but... Well; trash is trash, and Ion Storm sure screwed it here. a) Story had nothing in common with the previous parts, especially conserning Victoria, to whom Gareth was a bit *wink* b) The PC version lacked optimization almost completely and did not have even the basic options.

The new Zelda for Gamecube. You can always hope it to be a bit more mature-oriented... IMO, Nintendo has lost it, and I'm not keeping too high hopes here. At least Metroid Prime 2 should fit to the bill.

Last but not least: Natural Selection should have a new update soon, and bring it back to my 'Games' -list on Steam. It's rubbish ATM, but I'm really hoping this update would fix it... (NS is a free Half-Life mod, in case you do not know.)
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