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Originally Posted by fazri View Post
from what i see kamito have 2 sword,a holy sword and devil sword?
and those 2 have humanoid form?
4 human girl fell for kamito and 2 spirit sword right?
Everyone who has read the novel wants dual wielding, but.... the chances of that happening dropped by at least 50% in the latest volume.

I'll also mention that some of the aces moves Kamito have are best used with two swords instead of one. In that sense, using one sword as he is doing right now, is actually holding back his true ability.

Originally Posted by Richocet View Post
So why did he go dressed as a girl? Was tht the only way to take part in it?
That and males aren't supposed to be able to contract with spirits. In volume 1, Kamito was known as the only male who contracted with spirits. Further, it's actually a bad omen that a male is able to contract with a spirit. Aside from the rarity of male contractors, the original Maou was a male contractor (the legendary warrior was a female).
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