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I was actually going to ask that question next.... lol you must be psychic

Plus the girls can't even take having Ise leave for a mere 3 days(during the field trip) so they're staying with him till death

It is should be impossible for Rias to get another pawn since she used up all 8pawns on Ise (though as of volume 11, the pawns have returned to Rias)... and i'm sure most of the people here would dislike having another pawn join (unless its a cute girl)

As mentioned by zz earlier, they were talking about piece exchanges, so if for example, Ise gets his evil pieces, he would trade his bishop piece to Rias for Asia... so technically, Asia would be leaving Rias group

The pawn and king thing is about how servants are able to gain their own peerage(getting their own set of evil pieces) while still serving as a piece for their master in rating games
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