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Originally Posted by Gene098 View Post
Why would they have to leave Rias' group to join Ise's?
I'm pretty sure they can join both right?
It's like the same thing as being a pawn and a king so why can't ot occur this way?

You mean no pawns other than Ise as in Rias wouldn't want any other or it isn't possible?
I mean technically speaking it is possible, since it wouldn't make sense that if a piece holder dies that it would leave that piece spot forever empty.
no... because in order for Ise to have ownership of Aisa and Zenovia, he needs to trade rais a bishop and knight piece.

That means Rias will have 2 free pieces in exchange for asia and zenovia.
That also means they wont be able to fight for Rias in a Raiting game, because they no longer belong to Rias.

And Ise can not use them either unless he has ownership.
So him not using the pieces and Asia + Zenovia being owned by 2 kings is out of the question.

Ravel will probably go with ise also, seeing how she has a more active role as manager, and her mother did say she was free for ise to take once he got king.

So in short, ise is already out of bishops. This is why kuroka will never be part of ise's group. You would need to give up 2 bishops for kuroka, and he has no bishops.

But then again kuroka has no master for ise to trade bishops to, so if the guys want to dream, ise could probably sacrifice 6 pawns for kuroka... basically take her and give up 6 pieces back to beelz, but i highly doubt that.
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