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Ura Joins the Air Force
Oh gosh, too silly. I love it. No doubt she was valedictorian of boot camp.

Originally Posted by GrrDraxin View Post
I'd hit it. However, there is but one problem with females joining the military. My brother found this out the hard way.

Many of the women there end up being REALLY hard up for sex. My brother ended up getting "raped" by this one girl once because her f*** buddy was so drunk that he passed out while she was riding him in the bushes, and my brother having come too near and even chuckled at their misfortune ended up being found, and then dragged into the bushes by this stark naked woman so she could get her rocks off.

After that my bro was left to help the other fellow get back to his barracks (he was still out cold, so it was more like drag his ass back...). When he returned to his own barracks, his unit members didn't believe his story until one guy found the girls panties right where my bro said they were.

If my brother had written a journal of his days in the Navy, he'd probably have enough comic material for a TV show or series of movies similar to those like Down Parascope and Hot Shots.
Wow, too silly. I can imagine if Tsukune and Moka are recruited for some sort of youkai army after graduation, and something like that happens. I love it.
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