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Prepare for wall of analysis coming your way.

Group A: Koromo, Saki and Tacos in one group, oh boy. Two aces and a pretty strong contender for saki already landing in the same group, undoubtedly forcing teamkills. On that subject, ro kyu bu split votes just might give miki a fighting chance, although it's still quite a long shot. Potential snipers include Tomoka for Koromo, Maho for Saki, and Cecilia for Tacos.
Predicted Group Winner: Tacos

Group B: The trolldraw stikes again. A very likely round two match will be Azusa vs Ritsu vs Akari~n, leading to much much sadness for K-ON fans with split voting unless they all organize to throw Ritsu under the bus. Toki, meanwhile, will breeze through on her side of the bracket with no one even strong enough to attempt a snipe.
Predicted Group Winner: Toki

Group C: Right off the bat we have the "main character" taking on TOSHINO KYOUKO. Ironically a Saki character may be used as a sniper here instead of the other way around. If that doesn't work there's always Kuuko, and after that whoever wins might be used to take out Hisa. For the first time in ever Maria gets a round one draw where she has a chance of winning.
Predicted Group Winner: TOSHINO KYOUKO

Group D: Nagi will have to dodge a minefield of snipers (sniperfield?) including Teru, Yasuna, Louise, and Touka while Kyaputen faces no opposition on her side of the bracket.
Predicted Group Winner: Nagi

Group E: Ahaha trolldraws you have done me proud. saki vs saki vs saki, and not just anybody from saki, but teammates Arata and Yuu, making this a double teamkill. Oh saki. I don't want to jinx this but it doesn't look like anyone can touch Hina until group finals. I mean, who's going to snipe her, Yachiyo? HAHAHAHA (watch as this comes true). As long as she survives round 2 the new season should start airing around then and she'll get a major boost in the block finals. I have to mention also that Hamster landed in a very bad spot, my only hope is that she may be used to snipe Yui. The match is scheduled for September 4th so by that time hopefully the new season will have gotten enough hype for her to be a sniping threat...please? ;_;
Predicted Group Winner: IT'S HINA'S YEAR

Group F: Unless some shenanigans happen early on, it'll be Kuro vs Nyaruko vs Ryuuka, I think we can all see how that one turns out. This is still a really tough group though, as Nyaruko will still have to face Eru and either Karen or Subara if she wins the match mentioned above. Yui is a possible sniper against either Karen or Subara since her series is still airing.
Predicted Group Winner: Nyaruko

Group G: I can see it now, Stealth Momo vs Nodotits in round two, again two Saki aces will be forced to teamkill. On the other side of the bracket, the draw shows no mercy as Ako will have to dodge Ika, Tsukihi, and YAMADA YAMADA just for a chance to crush the hopes of another teammate.
Predicted Group Winner: Ako

Group H: Shana vs Mio, it's that simple. Unless of course they get sniped. Snipers for this group include one of Kana, Elsie, or Euu, in addition to kuroyukihime.
Predicted Group Winner: Mio

TL;DR saki vs saki vs saki round one
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